It’s disgusting that a Labour MP is attacking Trades Unions in this way.

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Telegraph ArticleRMT_or_JMcTWe are appalled at prominent Labour Party member John McTernan’s 10 August article entitled “The Tories should crush the rail unions once and for all” – in the Daily Telegraph.

McTernan not only attacks trade unions generally, but condemns the Tories for not being sufficiently ruthless in their anti-union attacks!

Whatever differences exist in the Labour Party, this is unacceptable. Labour is and should be the party of trade unions. We the undersigned Labour Party members back the rail workers in dispute and call on the NEC to do likewise – and to formally condemn John McTernan for this.

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Signatures as at 08:00 Sunday, 28th August

Daniel Randall
, Islington South & Finsbury CLP, RMT London Transport Region Young Members’ Officer

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