Virgin today has claimed that, in effect, Jeremy Corbyn staged the video of him sitting on the floor of a full train, insisting that there were seats available and releasing CCTV footage of him walking along the train past – they claim – empty and unreserved seats, as well as empty and reserved seats that he could have taken.

Scandalously, BBC News continues (as of 8.20pm) to cover the ‘row’ as if there is still any dispute about the matter, when there is already ample evidence that the facts completely support Corbyn’s account.

Virgin’s statement reads:

Seats were available on the train in which Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn was filmed sitting on the floor, Virgin Trains has found.

Film footage released to the media showed Mr Corbyn sitting on the floor of a three-hour Virgin Trains service from London to Newcastle claiming it was “ram-packed”.

CCTV footage taken from the…

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