We are all Rosa's daughters...

PCS Union is not affiliated to Labour or any Party, but we have publicly supported Jeremy Corbyn. We were honoured he was the first Labour leader to address our conference.

Ours has been an uncomfortable relationship with Labour leaderships over the years. Our members will never forget chancellor Gordon Brown in 2005 announcing 100,000 civil service job cuts to the cheers of Labour MPs.

Jeremy a founding member of our parliamentary group, and John McDonnell the chair. Both consistently offered solid support of our union’s anti-cuts demands and vision for an alternative to austerity.

More than that. When Jeremy addressed our conference he gave an outright commitment to:

  • restore national pay bargaining – delegated by Thatcher in the 80s in the Tory attempts to divide and rule public sector workforce. This is something that the New labour leadership refused to do in 13 years.
  • pledged to oppose further cuts
  • Repeal…

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