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While the WASPI campaign was lobbying for redress on the Great Pensions Welch last year, Osborne delayed a planned corporation tax measure that could’ve paid for it twice over

There are 500,000 British women born between 1951 and 1956 who have been cheated out of what the State promised for fully 40 years of the term. Having paid up to 30 years’ worth of NI contributions already, some changes were mooted in the mid 1990s. Minimal (and spuriously targeted) publicity appeared sporadically after 2001. 95+% of those affected did not receive any personal communication about the changes until well after that date. Most of those affected found out after the 2011 Pensions Act at last made clear what they were going to be. That gave the median sufferer 3-4 years to prepare. But in the 2011 Act, the date of effective application of these changes has been brought forward again

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