I don’t know what to say, I want to cry, scream, shout and give somebody a big slap.

Michelle Burns

Yet another round of Council Tax hearings in Truro Magistrates Court today.

A beautiful sunny hot day and I chose to go along to the Court to observe proceedings. Boy was it hot in the waiting room.
I arrived early, to make sure I got a seat….. no not really, I am the only one mad enough to go and watch.
Today I would at a guess say there were a couple of dozen people that turned up. Yes, they turned up because they were ‘summonsed’ to do so.
Unlike Dover Council who do their best to promote injustice by telling people “NOT to turn up”

Right, back to Cornwall.
The waiting room got busier, mothers had even brought their children in pushchairs today. One poor man who was obviously on lots of medication and wasn’t really fit to be there was getting quite agitated. That all started when…

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